Don't ignore temperature regulation

Improper temperature control in an electrical enclosure can cause decreased reliability and lifespan of costly electrical components or lead to inefficient operation. High air humidity and variations in temperature, in fact, are the major reasons of electrical equipment failures. It follows that temperature management is necessary to maintain optimal environmental conditions inside the enclosure and a steady performance of it.

Monitoring & Controlling temperature

Thermostats and hygrostats provide a reliable solution for accurate temperature control in protecting sensitive electronic components. Fandis North America regulators switch connected fan filters, cooling units or heaters on to keep components cool or to prevent condensation by maintaining ambient conditions above the dew point.

Temperature regulation using hygrostats and thermostats

Using a thermostat or hygrostat can provide many benefits: they will reduce operating expenses - only when required – and when combined with a fan filter they will reduce the need to replace or clean the filter media saving maintenance costs.

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The Thermostats, with normally closed, normally open or change-over contacts, are used with ventilation or heating products to keep the desired temperature inside the enclosure.

Twins Thermostats

They integrate two independently switchable devices within one compact unit, allowing the simultaneous control of heating, cooling or signaling equipment.


Mechanical controller for providing moisture protection by keeping the relative humidity inside the enclosure below 60% and controlling any temperature fluctuations.

Flashing signal devices

These devices ensure safety for enclosure inspections. They help prevent accidents by alerting operators of live voltage within the electrical system when door is opened through flashing lights.

Door limit switches

A practical solution for sensing applications in enclosures. They are mechanically activated to switch on the lamp or switch off live voltage inside the cabinet.

Fan filters

The fan combined with a filter is used to maintain the correct temperature within the enclosure by exchanging heated inside air for filtered cool outside air.


If an enclosure can be susceptible to large temperature fluctuations, heater and fan filter are used together to manage the shift between daytime warming and nighttime

Thermoelectric unit

Control devices (i.e. thermostat or hygrostat) trigger a thermoelectric unit to keep the enclosure cool within a specified temperature range.