LED Light when you need it

During maintenance and inspection work on an enclosure or control cabinet, it is essential for operators to have a good lighting in order for them to clearly see what they are doing. Lights can be added inside the enclosure to aid in service the equipment and you can opt in favour of brilliant and efficient LED lamps.

Maintenance-free lighting

In the last few years, LED efficiency has surpassed that of fluorescent lights. LEDs technology is becoming the new standard for the internal lighting of industrial enclosures, offering effective light quality and exceptional energy saving properties.

Lead light. LED light.

Fandis North America offer a flexible product range that satisfy different lighting needs. The FLL series LED lamps provide a bright illumination throughout the cabinet with long service life, minimal energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This line features low-profile design, ideal for application in tight spaces, and a swivelling system to direct the light beam more effectively where needed.

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LED lights

These lights, in AC and DC powered versions, can be installed with screw or magnet (optionally) for freely positioning on metallic surface. The LED lamps can be activated by an ON/OFF switch or PIR motion sensor, and feature cage clamp or Wieland connection.

Combined with...

Door limit switches

These switches are used for solving automatic tasks. They disconnect the voltage when the door is opened, turning on the light to facilitate the maintenance operations.