Avoid accumulation of heat

Overheating is the main cause of electrical equipment failure. A proper climate control system can solve the enclosure cooling challenges, preventing critical temperature fluctuation and increasing components life. When enclosure ventilation is unable to preserve a reasonable internal temperature closer to 95°F (35°C), a cooling unit may be required.
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Cooling Units. Security made cool.

Enclosure cooling units are used in severe applications to protect electronic components from heat failures or malfunctions and keep machinery running efficiently. They cool the cabinets to temperatures below ambient conditions in order to safeguard the reliability and service life of electrical equipment.

Keep enclosures cool and safe!

There are different method of enclosure cooling. A compressor-based air conditioners with earth-friendly refrigerant that offer high rate of cooling or a thermoelectric solid-state air conditioners to provide reliable performance in small enclosures without the use of CFC’s and mechanical moving parts (except the fan). Other alternative cooling solutions are heat exchangers for use both in ambient with cool temperatures and in hazardous or high temperature locations.

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Cooling unit

Cooling unitsThese units features Aluzinc or stainless steel construction and environmental-friendly refrigerant. Air conditioners are available in different configurations that offer a broad range of cooling capacities, power input and mounting options.

Thermoelectric units

Peltier coolers are a cost-effective solution. They eliminate the use of refrigerant, operate in any orientation and are maintenance free. These systems provide also both cooling and heating from the same device (if needed).

Heat exchangers

Air-Air and Air-Water heat exchangers are the ideal solution to keep electrical enclosures continuously cool.Thanks to their closed-loop system, these units isolate electronics from external environment.


A compressor air conditioner combined with a heater is used to protect electrical components by temperature swings between warm daytime and chill nighttime.


Control devices (i.e. thermostat or hygrostat) trigger a thermoelectric unit to keep the enclosure cool within a specified temperature range.

Orientable fan

This fan with metal guards is used in combination with cooling unit or air/water heat exchangers to ensure a better distribution of cold air inside the enclosure.